Sobrarbe has a lot to offer all year round:

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You can do many activities in the Sobrarbe region and we will be happy to give you advise and help you make the most of your visit.

These are some proposals that we are sure you will love, since they share our values and our passion for nature:

You can easily find the Pyrenees Geological Park, also known as Sobrarbe Geopark, since the whole county of Sobrarbe is the Geopark. Our Geopark offers several services, activities and infrastructures aimed at informing the residents about the fragile natural resources under our feet. It also aims to promote tourism that respects the values of the region and to promote research, teaching and dissemination of these values. 

The Geopark offers you these 30 self-guided routes that allow visitors to access the most outstanding geological sites in the district and understand their origin, meaning and significance.

Pyrene 365: 365 days to live the Pyrenees.

We want to offer you a different view on the Pyrenees. We help you to live these mountains and get to grips with the local traditions, to learn about legends, to get amazed by the geology and biodiversity, to go deep into the territory and to blend with its people.

All our activities are imbued with how we understand life and sense mountains. We dream of a world where people get to know and recognize the values of nature and rural areas and contribute to a more respectful and sustainable society.

We are Trekking Mule, an active tourism company born with the idea of ​​teaching and sharing with everyone one of the most beautiful regions in the world: the Pyrenees. Biologist, mountain guide and cook will accompany you on each route.

The founders of this company have spent most of our lives in these mountains, knowing their peaks, valleys and rivers, both at a sporting level (hiking, climbing, skiing, whitewater…) and culturally (ethnographic, art…) . With the help of our mules we carry everything necessary to be self-sufficient for several days in the mountains.

In the past, everyone traveled the Pyrenees on foot and with their mules, but about 40 years ago, mules disappeared from these mountains. Why not go back to traditional uses to breathe new life into cross-border roads?

Nomadas del Pirineo is an Active Tourism and Adventure Company, working in the most beautiful and wild area of ​​the Pyrenees, next to the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.

All kinds of activities throughout the year such as: canyoning, kayaking, via ferrata, hiking, caving and family activities. We also have a taxi van for your combinations of excursions and a car for your mountain bike lifts. 

We are flexible when preparing a multi-adventure program or an activity. The professional guides of Nomads of the Pyrenees will explain to you at all times what you should do, we will be your companions and friends in the multi-adventure you choose.

Largos Kms is a small environmental project dedicated to the dissemination and interpretation of the natural environment. We invite you to see and get to know these mountains in a different way, since we start from the philosophy that the mountain is a lifestyle in all its aspects.
We offer activities such as hiking, interpretive outings, trekking, snowshoeing, nature classrooms, outdoor cultural projections…all with an educational, cultural and recreational touch.
Come and discover the Pyrenees in complete safety, accompanied by qualified mountain guides but, above all, passionate about this natural environment.

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